Norwegian Introduces New Rewards + More Flights to USA

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Norwegian’s loyalty programme, Norwegian Reward, has just introduced a number of changes, as well announcing an expansion of flights between Scotland / Ireland and the US.

What are the changes to Norwegian Reward?

Priority Boarding

Priority Boarding will soon be one of the reward options you can choose after every 6th flight you take with Norwegian.

Personally, I do more or less everything I can to board as late as possible (even when flying First Class!), but many travellers do appreciate being able to board early – if only to grab a coveted spot in the overhead lockers for their bag.

Accounts for children

Last year, Norwegian launched Reward Family, which allows family and friends to pool CashPoints in one common account and spend them together. It will soon be extended to allow children to be added too. Parents and guardians will be able to sign up for and manage their child’s Reward membership in a safe and easy way, without the need for a separate email address for the child.

Limited Edition Rewards 2018

Back in January, this year’s Limited Edition Rewards were released. Perks include a free flight to one of Norwegian’s  long haul destinations, or an upgrade to Premium Class!

For the upgrade, you need to fly 20 single flights (or 10 round trips) booked as Flex tickets this year. For the free flight, you need to take 40 single flights/20 returns and to earn at least 3,000 CashPoints, but these don’t need to be Flex tickets.

Cashpoints Reduced on Flex Tickets

From 15th April 2018, CashPoints members will earn 10% CashPoints from Flex tickets – half the old rate of 20%. You can still receive up to 20% though in total, if you select 5 CashPoints Boosts from your Reward options (5 x 2%).

You can read more about all the changes here.

More flights to America

From 28th October 2018, Norwegian will commence an increased winter 2018 schedule with the following added frequencies:


Norwegian will maintain daily transatlantic flights at Edinburgh Airport this winter by increasing the New York route to a daily service, up from three flights a week last year.


At Dublin Airport, the summer frequencies to New York Stewart International Airport and Providence will be continued into the winter season, with a double daily service and daily service respectively.


At Shannon Airport, Norwegian will deliver a daily service to New York Stewart International Airport this winter as the carrier increases its flights from two a week last year.


      • Joe Deeney says

        Haha – it’s actually not too bad at all, so long as you book one of the shuttle coaches (cheap). From the airport to midtown Manhattan (Port Authority) took about 1.30 each way. When you factor how quick immigration/security is at Stewart compared to the rest (I was through in about 5 mins last time), it can actually work out quicker in total. The shuttles were pretty comfortable and had wifi too.

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