How to Earn Cashback When Buying Starpoints

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I didn’t expect to see the promotion again pre-merger, but I was thrilled to read Joe’s post on the return of the 35% off promotion when buying Starpoints. When buying miles or points, every tiny bit extra helps, and so the more adventurous amongst you might be willing to try this…

Many readers will know that is the company that actually processes the sale of miles or hotel points on behalf of the airlines and hotel chains. And it just so happens that is a vendor on the USA version of Topcashback.

So, if you purchase Starpoints during this promotion, you could receive an additional 1.5% of cashback. Payout should be possible to your Paypal account.

For the maximum purchase of 30,000 Starpoints – $682.50 (£485) – you could earn back $10.25 (£7.30). Not life-changing, but surely worth the 30 seconds of registering for Topcashback in the US and clicking via there when buying miles or points.

And if you wanted to be kind to one of your favourite bloggers, you could use my refer-a-friend link for the USA version of Topcashback.

As always, I should put a YMMV on any travel hacking opportunity not directed at British residents. But if you sign up, let us know how it goes… and many thanks if you do use my link 🙂

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