Earn Hyatt Points and Status Credit with Oasis Collections Home Rentals

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Hyatt’s biggest problem – for Europeans in particular – is the lack of a sizable footprint, making it difficult to remain loyal to Hyatt. Last year Hyatt purchased a stake in a home rentals company called Oasis Collections, perhaps with a view to partially rectifying the situation. (and to acquire a piece of the rapidly-expanding home rental market) According to Oasis…

Check out of your daily routine and check in with us. The best homes, in our favorite cities, and even those little shampoo bottles you love. This isn’t your average short term rental. This is home meets hotel.

Hyperbole aside, any opportunity to pick up Hyatt points and stay credit is fine by me! So I was thrilled to see the news that Oasis is being integrated into World of Hyatt under the “Unbound Collection” brand. You can read about this on the Oasis website, or on the Hyatt website.

Where are Oasis Collections Home Rentals Located?

Oasis offers properties in 20 or so cities worldwide. Included are cities such as Barcelona and Rome – currently lacking any Hyatt options – and a handful of major cities in Europe, North America and South America.

A quick glance suggests that Oasis properties are mostly upscale houses and flats/apartments. In principle, each property has been vetted by Oasis Collections directly, rather than the “wild west” offer-anything attitude sometimes found on Airbnb. I suspect that families and groups of (well-off) friends will be most attracted by the homes on offer…

What are the Benefits for World of Hyatt Members?

  • Earn 5 Base Points per eligible dollar spent on qualifying stays at Oasis
  • Elite members earn Bonus Points on eligible spend at Oasis (30% for Globalists)
  • Elite members enjoy a welcome amenity at check-in
  • Enjoy late checkout—2 p.m. for Discoverists and Explorists; 4 p.m. for Globalists—upon request (subject to availability at some locations)
  • Enjoy a $200 stay credit toward an Oasis stay for every 15,000 points you redeem

Oasis nights also count towards achieving World of Hyatt status. This is perhaps the most important benefit. I certainly would advise AGAINST using Hyatt points at such a poor value (less than 1p each).

Bonus Point Promotion

For stays that include a check-out date on or before 30 June, 2018, World of Hyatt members can earn 1,000 bonus points per night. No registration is required.

I reckon that this bonus could be worth £10-15 per night.

I Admit It. I am Truly Lucky!

It just so happens that I need to spend a couple of months in Buenos Aires this summer. Instead of booking an Airbnb and/or a hotel, I can instead stay in Oasis Collections studio flat. It will be somewhat more expensive than Airbnb – and I might have to accept a different neighbourhood to the ones I’d prefer – but I’ll be earning bonus points and easily guaranteeing my Globalist status for 2019. I also happen to be lacking the “Unbound Collection” brand for the 5-brand promotion Joe wrote about last year. What more can I say…  What luck…



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