Return BA Biz Class to USA ~£820! With the Help of a Little Trick…

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You can currently book some increible BA Biz Class (and other Oneworld partner) fares from Germany to the USA. We are talking Return Business Class to New York from just £820, which is phenomenally good!

To get the best fares though, you need a couple of little tricks:

Firstly, head to the German version of Expedia here. You won’t be able to find the same prices on the UK version of the site (well, I couldn’t anyway!). Use Google Translate to read the page, if your German isn’t tip top.

Next, make sure you are looking at booking a flight + hotel package and select Business Class. Tick the “Different hotel dates box” and then add just a single day of your trip in the dates there (unless you actually want to book your hotel via Expedia too):

Then, either select a hotel you want to stay at for that one night of your trip, or just pick the cheapest hostel like I did in the example below (you don’t actually have to stay!!!):

Click through again and select the precise flights you want – I was given lots of options on BA, Iberia, Finnair and AA.

Carry on clicking through and then pay!

920 Euros is about £820 at current exchange rates!

There seems to be lots of other excellent value options all over the US too – including West Coast destinations like Seattle for ~£1170:

Availability seems wide open, even during busy travel periods, so you could save yourself A LOT of money here by starting in Germany and booking in this way. You wouldn’t necessarily have to take the last leg from Heathrow to Germany either, as long as you didn’t have checked luggage.

Where should I credit these flights?

To Seattle, for example, you would earn roughly 16,000 Avios + 360 Tier Points if you flew Berlin-Heathrow-Seattle Return, and credited the flights to BA Executive Club.

As always with BA flights though, I strongly suggest considering crediting to Alaska Mileage Plan instead, where you would earn ~27,000 much more valuable Miles.

I value 16,000 Avios at about £160, but 27,000 Alaska Miles at about £450.

Note that Finnair and AA flights have lower earning rates than BA flights when you credit to Alaska Mileage Plan and you can’t credit Iberia flights to Alaska.

Bottom line

These BA Biz Class (and others) fares are amazing!

Hat-tip to a whole range of different German blogs.


  1. Roger says

    Presumably if you have AMEX Travel offers (£200 off £600 spend on AMEX Platinum), can also be used.
    Haven’t tried but may be possible

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