Hilton ‘Mega Deal Stack’ Gets Even Better Thanks to 12 Avios per £1 Bonus! (TODAY ONLY)

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We’ve long flagged the Avios eStore as a good way to get a Hilton rebate, and with it offering 12 Avios per £1 until the end of today (25th February 2018) thanks to the double points weekend promo, now is a great time to book your stays.

I recently demonstrated (in detail) how you can get a tremendous amount of value back on Hilton stays by stacking different promotions together – and the the double Avios offer makes it even sweeter!

Here’s a quick recap of the numbers, including the bonus Avios:

Let’s use a relatively cheap ~£50 1-night stay (before a flight from Heathrow, as that’s something a lot of readers actually do) to keep the maths clear.

Standard Hilton Honors Points earning

Base earnings for Honors members are 10 Points per $1USD, so a £50 stay would net you ~700 Honors Points at current exchange rates.

I value Hilton Honors Points as being worth ~0.4p each, so 700 works out at about £2.80.

Members with Gold Status will earn an extra 25% and Diamonds an extra 50%, of course.

Hilton ‘Points Unlimited’ promotion

The current Hilton Honors promotion offers the following bonus until the end of April:

For each stay, members earn 2,000 bonus Points. Members receive an additional 10,000 Point bonus for their fifth stay.

I don’t think 5 stays over the promotion period is an unreasonably heavy stay pattern to use as our example, so I’m calling this as an average of 4,000 Points per stay (if you wouldn’t have 5 Hilton stays,  use 2,000 Points for your calculations).

Given my valuation of Honors Points at ~0.4p each, 4,000 is worth ~£16.

Sub-total: £18.80

‘Double Dip’ with Lufthansa Miles&More

Until 25th March, 2018, Hilton Honors members can earn some very chunky bonus ‘Miles&More’ Miles from their Hilton stays, on top of earning Hilton Honors Points:

  • 1,500 bonus Miles for first stay
  • 2,000 bonus Miles for second stay
  • 2,500 bonus Miles for the third and subsequent stays

If we could squeeze our 5 theoretical stays in by 25th March, each stay would therefore earn an average of 2,200 Miles.

I value M&M Miles at about 1p each, so that’s another £22 per stay into the kitty!

Sub-total: £40.80

Book via Avios shopping portal

If you book your Hilton stays via the Avios eStore today, you can get an excellent 12 Avios per £1.

£50 x 12 = 600 Avios.

Again, I value Avios at roughly 1p each, so that’s another £6 back.

Sub-total: £46.80

I think everything I’ve covered so far is broadly applicable to most readers, regardless of elite status etc. If you’re a very frequent Hilton guest (or have Elite status), you can do even better as I explained here.

Bottom line

Assuming no elite status, if you booked today and completed 5 of these sort of stays over the course of the overlapping promotions at a total cost of about £250 (5 x £50), you should receive the following rebates:

  • Hilton Honors Points = 23,500 (value: ~£94.00)
  • ‘Miles&More’ Miles = 11,000 (value: ~£110)
  • Avios = 3,000 (value: ~£30)

Total rebate = ~£234 worth of Points/Miles.

In other words, that’s a 93.6% rebate!

You may have slightly different valuations for the various types Points and Miles, but I think most people would accept the ones I’ve used as reasonable ballpark figures.

Have you switched any stays to Hilton due to the generous promotions?


  1. Adam says

    Anybody ever managed to find availability for parking at any of the Hilton Heathrow hotels? Every time I try the suoervsaver or flexi saver parking optiin and it always states no availability?

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