99% Off Hotels.com and Big Savings with Expedia! – ‘Black Friday’ Heads-up for Tomorrow

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I’ve been exhausted by ‘Black Friday’ for at least a week already, but some of the deals available are genuinely excellent – you just have to be prepared to move QUICK. A couple of ones worth being aware of that crossed my desk recently are from from Hotels.com and Expedia.

99% off a luxury boutique hotel wouldn’t be bad…

Hotels.com is offering 300,00 mystery discount codes, with 300 of them giving the lucky recipient a massive 99% off! Frankly, I strongly suspect your chances of getting one of the 99% codes is pretty tiny, but I imagine most of us would be quite content with something like a nice 50% discount? 🙂

The promotion is set to run from 8:00 AM on Friday (24th November 2017), but unfortunately Hotels.com neglected to include which timezone they meant in the info they sent! If I had to guess, I’d say that’s probably Eastern Time, so 13:00 GMT, but there’s no harm having a quick look in the morning just to see!

Expedia is offering a slightly less generous 90% off bookings made through the Expedia mobile app, as well as a decent looking range of other discounts. Again, getting the very best deals will require acting fast and a big slice of luck. At least Expedia has made clear that their deals start at 9am Pacific Time, which is 17:00 GMT tomorrow (24th November 2017).

Bottom line

These sort of deals can be a bit of lottery and I wasn’t even really sure whether to flag them or not. In the end I decided that the potential discount probably just about makes it worth having a quick look. If any InsideFlyers do manage to grab something worth bragging about, please let me know in the comments!


    • Joe Deeney says

      I would assume so, though voucher codes (if that’s how they process the discount) can sometimes invalidate cashback.

  1. Hasim says

    Anything good will get pinched by staff at those places. That’s what normally happens with real deals. Thanks for the mention. Hopefully be a good one for everyone.

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