3000 Free Virgin Miles with a Money Transfer

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Virgin Money is currently boosting  its “best price guarantee” on all international money transfers  by also offering 3,000 free miles on all transactions over £1,000 in value.

Virgin offers a money transfer service at “great rates”. You can even provide them with a quote from your high street bank within 3 hours, and they’ll beat it.

The 3,000 free miles offer runs until 31 January 2018. You will also (obviously) need to be a member of Virgin Atlantic Flying Club to benefit from the free miles.

Be aware..!

Virgin guarantees that its rate will beat high street banks. However, that DOES NOT include the superb TransferWise (whose debit card payment method is tried and tested by me and, in my view, second to none) and Azimo.

Both TransferWise and Azimo charge a small commission, but they also offer the spot rate which generally makes them waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better value than the high street banks. 

Indeed, given how dreadful many high street bank exchange rates are, I strongly suggest you get your best Virgin quote, and then compare it to what you’d get with TransferWise and Azimo. I’d value 3,000 Virgin miles at around £30, so you need to factor that in.

Sweetening the (better?) deal

What’s more, use this link and you’ll get your first transfer with TransferWise commission free, up to £500, or use this link to get £10 off your first Azimo commission payment.


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    Alas I saw this offer a month or two ago and tried to sign up.

    1. Rates were horrible compared to Transferwise. The 3,000 miles would barely cover the difference.
    2. I ended up in a prove-your-identity limbo. Even after uploading all of my info, they still won’t unblock my account.

    It’s also worth highlighting that this isn’t “holiday cash”, it’s the member transferring pounds to his/her own overseas account in euros, dollars, etc. (or I suppose to a third party who is owed euros/dollars/etc.)

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