A Weekend Trip With The Horizn Cabin Trolley M

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My good friend and InsideFlyer Germany Editor, Steffen, is a man obsessed with travel gear – particularly bags. He recently got the chance to take the Horizn Cabin Trolley M for a spin and this is what he thought:

As a bit of a ‘travel gear geek’ the Horizn Cabin Trolley M has been interesting to me since the product launch. Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a great Rimowa fan, but when Horizn Studios offered to send over a Cabin Trolley M for testing I couldn’t refuse!

The Horizn Cabin Trolley M

The Cabin Trolley is produced by the Berlin Start-Up Horizn Studios and is normally available online for 299 euros .

The trolley is delivered in a large carton with some nice design touches and slogans like “Let’s Go. Together “.

Inside the box, you find a short text about the Horizn Cabin trolley M on the flap and in front of the actual case you can find the included Powerbank, as well as the Horizn Luggage Tag.

Horizn Cabin Trolley M Packing

The case itself is then again in a protective bag, which I find practical – also for later storage at home.

Traveling with the Horizn Cabin Trolley M

Last weekend, the Horizn Cabin Trolley went on tour…

Horizn Cabin Trolley M

The trolley is divided into two compartments inside. Similar to older Rimowa models, these can be closed in different ways. The first compartment can be closed with a zip fastener and the second compartment can be tied or strapped as needed.

Horizn Cabin trolley M interior

This solution with the bands I find a little impractical. There are simpler solutions, such as Velcro closures. Rimowa has such a system in its trolleys, which is much easier to use. What one also notes, unfortunately, is that the power bank slot on the other side of the trolley takes some space.

There is an external pocket to store laptop, liquids etc, so you can save yourself the extra laptop bag. My 13 inch Macbook Pro fit easily in there, with room to spare.

The rolling sensation is quite good, the rollers do not stall but (similar to the Rimowa rollers) gently slide across the floor.

Aside from the space it takes up, the slot for a Powerbank is a very nice feature, allowing you to recharge your smartphone or iPad battery while on the move. Of course, the Powerbank can also be easily removed so that you can use it outside of the trolley.

Horizn Cabin Trolley M Power Bank

Bottom line

The Horizn Cabin Trolley M is a solid cabin trolley with an attractive design. Weighing in at 3.4 kilograms it’s slightly heavier than Rimowa’s similar model, the Rimowa Salsa. The general performance during the trip was good and the the integrated Power Bank is fun. I think that the inside could be improved.

~£270 (299 Euros) might not be cheap for a bag, but for the quality it’s pretty good value.


  1. Luke says

    Nice review thanks. I’ve been considering purchasing this bag for a while. One thing that out me off though is that I thought the internal space looked a bit too small. How did you find it in practise?

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