~£230 London to Singapore Return, Direct Flights with Norwegian

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Norwegian is back with some more stellar fares between London Gatwick and Singapore – starting at just £233 Return, or £83 one-way!

How to find the cheapest fares

The Norwegian website is a bit weird. It often prices the same flights differently depending on whether you go to the UK/Norway/USA/Singapore/etc version of the site – and that means with a bit of effort you can dig out a bargain!

Firstly, go to the UK version of the Norwegian site here and search for one-way flights from London to Singapore. You should see fares starting at £149.90:

Next, go to the Singapore version of the Norwegian site here and search for one-way flights from Singapore to London Gatwick. You should be able to find a little availability for $149.90 Singapore Dollars (and plenty for $199):

$149.90 Singapore Dollars is currently (September 2017) worth about £83.

Book both tickets and you’ve got a Return flight to Singapore for just ~£233!!! 

The cheapest dates are from January 2018 through to the end of March, but there are plenty of options for not much more throughout most of the booking window.

Can’t I just book a Return?

Of course – but it will cost more and there’s not really much point.

I priced up a Return on the UK site and it ended up being just shy of £300. I’d take the extra few minutes to make two one-way bookings to save ~£70 personally…

Good deal?

When the route was first announced and the price was ~£360 I said that was pretty good, so ~£230 is great!

Even when you factor in £50 each way to select your seat, take hold luggage and have meals/drinks included, £330 total for direct flights from the UK to Singapore is exceptionally good. For context, the only other direct flights are on BA or Singapore Airlines and it’s rare to see fares under £500 with either.


  1. Scott says

    I was looking at these flights a few weeks ago for a wedding in singapore , was wanting to keep the prices down so was thinking of not selecting the seat/food/baggage option . Looks like you can bring on a carry on AND a small bag , might be doable if you only have 3 or 4 days in singapore . Its so hot there that you only need a few shorts and t shirts 🙂

    • Joe Deeney says

      Yep that’s right – I hardly ever check in luggage so low cost carriers work pretty well for me (when I’m not using Miles for Biz or First!). I’ve flown with Norwegian a few times now to/from East coast USA and can definitely recommend them for that. I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy heading all the way to Singapore on them, but it wouldn’t be worse than Economy with most other airlines really.

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