Amazing Fares to USA! (When I Say Amazing, I Mean Absolutely INSANELY CHEAP!)

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If you act fast, you can take advantage of amazing fares to the USA (direct from the UK) with Norwegian Air!

The long-awaited new flights from Edinburgh and Belfast have just been added to the system and can now be booked – the prices are unbelievable: from £69 one-way, or £129 Return!

There’s really no point me wasting time with analysis here – I flew Norwegian back from New York to London a few weeks ago and it’s not really any better or worse in general than most transatlantic Economy products. In other words, it’s absolutely fine for 6-8 hour flights between UK and East Coast USA.

Peak Summer Holiday dates are available right now between Edinburgh and:

  • Connecticut/Hartford
  • Boston/Providence
  • New York/Newburgh

The Belfast flights are to:

  • Boston/Providence
  • New York/Newburgh

All the flights start in June, but the really cheap prices to/from Belfast only seem to be available from the Autumn at this point.

Edinburgh is a different story, with a good sprinkling of Summer dates to all 3 destinations at the cheapest prices still available (at time of writing) and amazing availability later in the year. September through to February is wide open!!

UPDATE: Book the inbound flight separately from the Norwegian US website here, and you can reduce the price even further from £60 to ~£52 ($65)!


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    Impressive stretching of geography to call Providence “Boston” and a place I’ve never even heard of “New York”.

    Worth keeping in mind that you’re going to spend a lot on ground transportation to get back to civilisation, unless you’re renting a car anyway to get out of town.

    • Joe Deeney says

      True – if they keep prices anything like they currently are though, I may soon become a minor expert on the most efficient transport options!

  2. Adam says

    How can they offer such low prices to the US? I mean the one way cost must work out at a loss for them just paying the fuel costs per person.
    Unbelievable value, grab it while you can!

    • Joe Deeney says

      Yeah, just taxes/fees actually one-way from UK would be more than the cost of the ticket I imagine. Basically, they can’t sell them this cheap forever, but right now what they need to do more anything is generate publicity about the flights and plant the idea in people’s minds that they are really, really cheap (It certainly got me writing about it!)

  3. Craig Sowerby says

    I’m sure there’s a method to it. Northern Ireland for sure has its own rules for APD. Quite possibly Scotland as well. (didn’t somebody write about some hack about flying up to Scotland to start a long-haul trip?)

    But, yes, it looks like the Ryanair strategy of giving seats away, or even at a loss to promote a new route.

    And, of course, we must now worry for the unfortunate people of Hartford who will struggle with an avalanche of hard-to-understand Scottish and Irish accents asking for the nearest pub. 🙂

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