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Holiday rental site Airbnb has taken the travel world by storm over the last few years, and for a limited time is offering a higher than usual sign-up bonus. Sign up using this link you will get £25.00 off your first Airbnb booking over £55.00 (I get £25.00  credit too, so thanks!).

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Airbnb is essentially a platform that allows people to rent out their sofa, spare room, or entire property as holiday rentals to other members directly rather than through an agency. Most people focus on short-term holiday/tourist lets, but the sheer scale of Airbnb these days means it covers pretty much anything you can think of.

You can now find Airbnb rentals in a staggering 34,000 cities in 191 countries! If you’re looking for a place to stay somewhere that’s a bit off the beaten track, Airbnb can make the process a lot simpler than it otherwise might be.

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Airbnb is also great for finding an affordable place to stay during big conventions/sports events etc when hotels are busy and expensive (indeed that was the original concept behind the company).

Just recently, a friend needed a last minute booking for a Saturday night in Manchester when hotel rates were through the roof or completely sold out. There wasn’t any decent options left in the city centre using hotel Points, but Airbnb came to the rescue with a perfectly reasonable apartment for less than half the price of the cheapest hotels.airbnb house

I’m not much of a couch surfer, but sometimes love having a whole apartment/house/boat/villa rather than just a hotel room. Being able to go to just one site and flick through a large range of different options, particularly in markets where there aren’t many hotels, is fantastic.

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Airbnb features some unique and impressive properties like this Regency Manor House in Scotland

Sign up and bear Airbnb mind next time you’re looking for somewhere to stay. It’s not perfect, and certainly isn’t always the best option, but it’s definitely another useful string to the bow of savvy travellers!


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