200+ Euros of Accor Points And 8 Hotel Nights (+ Gold status!) For Less Than £200.00

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I’ve mentioned many times before about how underappreciated I think Accor Hotels ‘Le Club’ is and why I think it should get more attention (in fact I wrote a whole series on the topic!).

Sofitel St James
Sofitel St James

Le Club has lots of interesting feature/deals, and the real trick is to find an opportunity where you can stack them all together and get truly spectacular value.

Such an opportunity is currently available, and the potential result is earning almost as much back in Accor Points as you spend,  four 2-night hotel stays (8 nights in total), a decent chunk of cashback, and Gold status!

Here is what you have to do to take advantage:

1. 10,000 Bonus Points

Register to earn 10,000 bonus Points here.


The bonus Points are staggered as follows:

– 1 stay of 2 nights or more = 500 points
– 2 stays of 2 nights or more = 3,000 points
– 3 stays of 2 nights or more = 6,000 points
– or 4 stays of 2 nights or more = 10,000 points

Note that the figures shown there are the cumulative totals – you end up with 10,000 Points not 19,500!

You need to book by 12th October for stays up until 26th December.

10,000 Points are worth 200 Euros off future stays (or 10,000 Avios if you transfer to Iberia Plus)

Stays at ‘Ibis Budget’ hotels do not earn Points and therefore do not qualify for the promotion, but Ibis and Ibis Style are fine.

2. Happy Mondays = £25.00 per night

Accor ‘Happy Mondays’ (they are now even happier!) is the best value regular hotel promotion in the UK. Every Monday and Tuesday, you can book rooms for the next two weeks for ridiculously good prices.

accor happy mondays

Outside of London:

  • Ibis Budget/ Ibis /Ibis Styles: £25.00
  • Novotel/Mercure: £40.00


  • Ibis Budget: £25.00
  • Ibis / Ibis Styles: £40.00
  • Mercure/Novotel £60.00
  • Pullman: £90.00


For the next 5 days TopCashback are offering an enhanced 7.5% cashback for stays at Ibis hotels and 12%  for stays at Novotel/Mercure. This higher cashback rate comes and goes, but is offered most of the time on either TopCashback or Quidco (so check both).


Rather than booking through the Happy Mondays promo page, click through to the main Accor site from Topcashback, then to bring up the Happy Mondays rates just type MONDAY into the ‘preferential code’ box and search as normal.


All Points earned, including bonus Points, count towards status.


Silver status requires just 2,500 Points, so you would get that by the end of your second 2-night stay. Silver status gets you a welcome drink (usually one voucher per person to use at the bar) and late checkout, so is pretty useful

Gold status is well worth having (free upgrades), and 10,000 Points gets you it!

Put it all together

If you booked 4 separate 2-night stays at Ibis hotels using the Happy Mondays rate, your total cost would be £200.00 (£25 x 8 nights).

You would receive £15.00 back in cashback (if you booked when the cashback rate is 7.5%), so your net cost for those 8 nights would be £185.00.

Ibis Edinburgh Royal Mile

On top of the 8 nights away, your standard Points earnings would 147 Points for your first two stays and 183 Points for your second two stays (higher because of Silver status bonus) = 330 Points. Add on the 10,000 Bonus Points and you get 10,330 Accor Points, which is worth £177.00 (206.60 Euros).

You would also have Gold status until the end of 2017 (and can use that to status match to other hotel loyalty programmes too!).

Four 2-night breaks away, Gold status and £177.00 of future hotel stays (or 10,330 Avios) for £185.00 is pretty incredible.

If you would pay to stay at Accor hotels at some point in the future anyway, then the £177.00 is pretty much as good as cash, so you’re effectively paying £8.00 for your hotel stays in total – or £1.00 per night! 

I told you Accor Le Club was underrated!


  1. roger says

    wish it worked for family room.
    for my search the family room at Ibis and ibis styles is nearly double the £25 rate.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Thanks Roger. I have noticed that at some Mercure, Novotel and Ibis hotels it’s sometimes possible to get higher category rooms for the standard Happy Mondays rate, so it might be worth checking again when the next lot of Happy Mondays rates get loaded after midnight tomorrow.

        • Joe Deeney says

          Not that I know of – availability is different every week (and actually can change quite a bit, sometimes positively, while the sale is on each week), so producing a full list would be difficult.

          Where are you wanting to go? – I’m seeing at least something available in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and London for most dates, which isn’t bad! Saturdays can be tricky, but that’s fairly typical.

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