National Express 25% Discount (Including To/From Airports) + Possible 5% Cashback = Leeds to London for £4.70 etc!

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You can currently save 25% off National Express coach tickets, if you are travelling by 17th July.

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To get the National Express 25% discount, all you have to do is go to this special booking page here (the standard booking page makes it unreasonably difficult to enter a promo code for some reason!) and type the following code into the box: NXSAVE25PC.

The discount seems to work on all fares, including the already very cheap ‘funfares’ that National Express offer!

Here’s a random example from Leeds to London next Wednesday (13th July), showing the prices before the discount is applied.


As you can see, there are plenty of good value options, starting at £5.00.

You then need to click through and select the fare type you want (refundable etc), and the prices on this screen show the discount.

leeds london 2

There is a £1.00 booking fee added, so the total ends up being £4.70 (by my maths it should be £4.75 – but I’ll take the extra 5p discount!).

£4.70 one-way from Leeds to London all-in, booking just a week in advance, is a fantastic price! It takes quite a bit longer than the train, but the train prices are currently £32.00-51.00 , so if you’ve got the time to spare, the saving could be well worth it.

(For what it’s worth, I was on a National Express coach for first time in ages a few weeks ago, and was surprisingly impressed. It was comfortable, clean, spacious, quiet and on time – much better than the frantically busy trains I usually end up with. Obviously, I imagine this can vary a lot though, and maybe I was just lucky!)

National Express can also be a convenient and good value way to get to the airport, particularly if you don’t drive and there isn’t a train station at the airport.


I’m not entirely certain whether it’s possible to get cashback when using the National Express 25% discount code, but no harm in trying!

TopCashback has the best rates at the moment, offering up to 5.25% for London and airport routes

National Express cashback

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