£10 free Boots gift voucher for new Topcashback sign ups

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If I am honest, the appeal of Topcashback has declined substantially recently. First Hilton disappeared, and now they have removed the ability to withdraw cashback as Tesco Clubcard points.

free boots gift voucher

But it’s not all doom and gloom. While you should seriously look at the alternatives offered on rival cashback site Quidco, including 11% cashback with IHG hotels, there’s still a plethora of airlines and hotels (or travel booking sites) that you can get substantial amounts of cashback with via Topcashback.

Indeed options include:

And that’s not all. Sign up to Topcashback before 10:00 on 15 June 2016 and you will get a free £10 Boots voucher when you earn £10 in cashback.

Unlocking your £10 free Boots gift voucher

There’s currently a very easy way to get £33 in cashback for a £10 spend (so a net gain of £23, ignoring any potential bingo winnings). This will also get you the £10 free Boots gift voucher.

free boots gift voucher

To benefit, follow these steps (over 18s only):

  1. Sign up to Topcashback via this link
  2. Search Topcashback for “Ladbrokes bingo”
  3. Sign up to Ladbrokes bingo through topcashback
  4. Deposit and wager £10 on Ladbrokes bingo within 3 days of clicking through from Topcashback.

Even assuming you lose your £10 stake (which you should), you will make £23 from the cashback, plus the £10 free Boots gift voucher.

Serious, massive, enormous, urgent warning:

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We DO NOT encourage gambling on InsideFlyer. Given that you are guaranteed a minimum of £23 (plus a £10 Boots voucher), the net effect of this tip means it is not a “gamble”. As such, we strongly recommend that once you have played your £10, you take your cashback (and any winnings, should you be so lucky, your £10 Boots voucher and that’s it.

Rest assured that these bingo games, and the odds offered on sports, casino etc are designed to make the bookmakers money, not you. GambleAware.

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