Hilton Gold fast track, plus free instant Silver status

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Hilton HHonors offers a great Gold status fast-track offer, that also gives you the substantial side-benefit of free instant Silver status.

free hilton upgrade

To gain Silver status you simply need to enter your HHonors details (or sign up if you are not already a member) here.

Silver status benefits are as follows:

  • 15% bonus on base points earned
  • 5th night free on awards
  • Late check-out
  • Complimentary fitness center & health club access
  • Free bottled water

As you can see, the offer is targeted at Accenture employees, but it works for anyone. If you’re in any way uncomfortable with that, you can sign up via the “valued partner” link here. That will get you the Gold fast-track, but not instant Silver.

Perhaps more interestingly, you will also automatically be enrolled in the Hilton Gold fast track scheme, which will grant you Gold status if you make four stays at a Hilton hotel within 90 days of signing up for this offer.

The benefits of Gold status are substantial, including all the silver benefits above (except for a 25% rather than 15% points bonus), plus:

  • Free breakfast
  • Guaranteed room upgrade
  • Frequent upgrades to Executive rooms (with Executive Lounge access), regardless of the room purchased
  • Free internet access

Note that all our Hilton deals (including all currently available Hilton promo codes) are flagged here, sorted by region.


  1. Andrew H says

    If you book your four stays using points + cash, do the stays still count towards your getting Hilton Gold?

    • Tom Sumner says

      It will indeed. One of the great things about Hilton HHonors is that reward stays (whether pure points, or points and money) also count towards elite qualification. This applies for fast-track options too.

        • Tom Sumner says

          Pleasure. In response to your point about checking the terms and conditions – please don’t worry too much about this sort of thing when you pose a question on InsideFlyer. Unlike other websites/forums, no one here is going to get upset if you ask a question without first doing hours of research yourself. Just ask! Someone here will know the answer.

  2. Andrew H says

    What do you think the chances are of getting asked for ID on the MVP offer?

    I’m just trying to think of a plan B if it came to that. There must be some sports organisation I can join for free somewhere 🙂

        • Adam says

          Just read another thread where Andrew asked the same question (great minds think alike) and the answer is no!
          The best I have found is 8k hh points + £24 @ hilton Croydon as I will be travelling through Gatwick in the near future.
          Can I confirm that signing in and signing out fairly quickly would be ok as wouldn’t be looking to stay the night?
          Any other better ideas please let me know Tom.

          • Tom Sumner says

            Adam – the general drill with “mattress runs” where you don’t actually stay the night is i) turn up and check-in, ii) head to the room, ruffle the bed a bit, perhaps clean your teeth iii) leave 🙂

          • Adam says

            Great, I was thinking maybe just pop in for a shower, bit of Internet browsing then leave. If you have to still hand keys back just say you had to leave unexpected.
            Would be doing this twice though with only a few days in between.
            I don’t think anyone is really that bothered, I mean they have been paid and you have turned up so all requirements have been met even if you don’t stay long.
            The strange things we do for status. ☺

          • Andrew H says

            Adam, I’d think you’d be able to leave your room key on the desk in your room. No need to hand it in at reception the following morning I think.

          • Tom Sumner says

            The things we do indeed! One of my favourites has to be the stories of people scouring the floor/bins(!) at Heathrow for discarded receipts – to then get the points added to their Heathrow Rewards account. I’d submit you’re probably going a touch far there…

            On the Hilton point, I would be very wary about giving back your key card before morning. You don’t get penalised for not handing it back, so I’d strongly recommend hanging on to it to avoid any potential revocation of status accrual on the basis you didn’t actually stay the night.

        • Tom Sumner says

          Glad you found the answer on the site, but feel free to just ask whenever unsure. We’d like to think there’s always someone here who will know.

  3. Andrew H says

    A slightly off topic question. If you have Gold status but book your hotel room through a third party website (lastminute.com for example) can you still claim free breakfast by showing your Gold card at the hotel?

    • Tom Sumner says

      You have no entitlement to free breakfast, per the terms and conditions:

      Eligibility for all on-property HHonors benefits, including complimentary Internet and MyWay benefits such as complimentary snacks and beverages, complimentary continental breakfast and space-available upgrades, requires a confirmed reservation made through one of the following channels:

      Any official direct Hilton Worldwide hotel brand or HHonors website (for example, HHonors.com, Hilton.com, Hampton.com, etc.),
      Hilton Reservations & Customer Care phone line (1-800-HHonors or local Hilton reservations office),
      Hilton HHonors or Hilton mobile application,
      Directly at a hotel in the Hilton Worldwide portfolio, or
      Through an IATA accredited retail travel agent professional (“Travel Agent”) booking through a Hilton Worldwide channel or the following Global Distribution Systems: Amadeus, Apollo/Galileo, Worldspan and SABRE.
      On-property benefits are not awarded in the following circumstances:
      Reservations booked through a non-Hilton Worldwide-direct booking channel or a non-designated GDS, third party website or any other channel,
      Rates available on “opaque” websites where the hotel brand and specific hotel are not known until the booking is made, or
      Third party hotel packages or travel packages not booked through one of the eligible channels.

      That’s not to say that flashing your Gold card won’t get you breakfast, but it may not. I have heard stories of it going either way for people.

      However, in any event, with Hilton’s Best Rate Guarantee, the fact that they often have the lowest rates anyway (i.e. without needing to rely on this), and cashback, I don’t really see why you would book through third party sites in any event. For me to do it, it would need to somehow fall outside the Best Rate Guarantee terms, and offer a substantially lower price, bearing in mind the loss of benefits.

        • Tom Sumner says

          Fair point, and I think in light of this exclusion in the Hilton Best Rate Guarantee…

          Prices available on “opaque” websites where the hotel brand and specific hotel are not known until the booking is made

          …then “Top Secret Hotels” can be said to potentially fall into my “outside the Best Rate Guarantee terms, and offering a substantially lower price” exception!

  4. Andrew H says

    It appears that Topcashback no longer offer cashback on Hilton purchases. Disappointing. Hopefully it will come back in the future.

    I actually had an email from TCB this morning saying they were offering an extra 5% on all cashback purchases. It would have made a nice bonus had Hilton cashback still been offered.

    Anyone know of a discount code for Hilton atm?

  5. Allan says

    I have registered for the fast track and received instant silver however the progress wheel says I need one more stay to retain silver not four for gold. Should the requirement change after next stay (got one upcoming next week)


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