New Aspire Lounge at Inverness Airport

Discussion in 'Airports & Lounges' started by litefoot, Apr 29, 2016.

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    If anyone's passing through Inverness Airport, they might want to check out the new Aspire Lounge. It's near gate 3, apparently.

    I suspect this addition is due to BA starting up a service from there to Heathrow.

    Plus, Inverness is becoming more attractive as a place to start Oneworld flights.
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    There is some debate about if it should do or not, but a BA redemption from INV to X via LHR is currently APD-free. Given the savings on a long haul premium redemption if you avoid APD, and given the free domestic connection still remains on long haul redemptions, you've quite a lot of APD savings with which to fund the starting ex-INV leg. If you do that, this lounge'll be handy :)

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