Happy New Year

Discussion in 'The Social Club — general chats, meet ups & more' started by GnarlyOldGoatDude, Dec 31, 2015.

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    Happy New Year one and all,
    As those of you who've embarked on ex-EU sub £1k C-Class Asia trips start to celebrate the New Year in style, I'd like to pass on my best wishes for the year ahead to all Ins!deFlyers, including those left behind.

    I love this website, but it's much too quiet. Let's hope for some sensible and friendly growth in the year ahead.

    С Новым Годом!
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    Happy New Year to you too GOGD!

    Thanks for the kind words re the site. It is still of course very early days, but we're very much looking forward to 2016. "Sensible and friendly growth" is exactly how I want the forums to develop. The content side is also looking very promising, both in terms of contributors and partners so all good on that front.

    We really value your readership and contributions to the forums - and you always know where I am for any "constructive criticism"...

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