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    Hi Everyone,

    I know many people are fans of Uber, and indeed Uber has superb coverage globally, but in the UK for the past year and a half personally I’ve mostly been using Gett Taxi.


    I really like Gett, and as well as leaving a referral link and discount/promo/voucher/coupon code below - which hopefully should give you a total of £15 credit if you’re new to Gett (£3 off each of your first five rides - not a huge amount, admittedly, but perhaps better than nothing) - I wanted to share a few impressions about Gett in case these are useful to you in deciding whether to sign up:
    • Gett is available in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Coventry and Newcastle
    • Gett taxis are licensed black cabs
    • there’s no joining fee; you just download the app to your phone, add your card details, and you’re good to go
    • the Gett app (available for iPhones and Android) is really good and easy to use
    • you receive an email after each ride containing a receipt, which is perfect for business expenses purposes
    • in London you get the option of a fixed price ride or pay by the meter (including for London airport runs)
    • if you happen to hail a Gett Taxi from the street or a taxi rank, the app has a nice feature called ‘Pay with Gett’ by which you can pay for that ride directly using the app rather than cash. I tried it recently and it worked perfectly.
    • in London in early 2018 there was a trial scheme called ‘Gett Porsche’, by which you could get your ride in a Porsche! The Gett Porsche scheme closed on 12th May 2018, but I gather it was hugely successful for Porsche UK in marketing their cars, so who knows, maybe the scheme might be reintroduced in the future?

    • Gett also has extensive coverage in Russia, so if you're travelling to Russia for the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 it might be worth considering downloading the Gett app before you go. And if you're just looking to watch World Cup matches in pubs here in the UK, having Gett at your fingertips to help you get to or from the pub quickly could also be useful! Either way, enjoy!

    Here’s a link to download the app to your phone and give Gett a go:

    And here’s the discount/promo/voucher/coupon code itself in case you want to enter it directly into the Gett app:


    Hope you find this helpful,

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    Cheers Richard! - just signed up.

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