FREE £10 AMAZON VOUCHER + 22,000 AMEX REWARD BONUS POINTS AMEX Preferred Rewards Gold Card Referral

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    Having used someones referral link to sign up for the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card I would like to offer the same to anyone who would like to use my referral link and get a £10 Amazon voucher to say thank you.

    I currently have 8 referrals for American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card. If you use my referral code you will receive 22,000 bonus points which is an additional 2,000 points on the amount you get by going direct to Amex. As a thank you for using my referral link I will email you a £10 Amazon voucher.

    American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card Benefits:
    22,000 Sign up bonus when you spend £2,000 in the first 3 months
    1 point per £1 spent
    2 points per £1 spent directly with airlines or in foreign currency
    3 points per £1 spent on AMEX Travel
    Membership to Lounge Club with 2 Free passes a year
    Bonus 10,000 points with £15k spend
    Other great cashback & bonus point offers at many different retailers
    Travel Insurance & access to Amex invites for priority access to show tickets.
    Points can then be transferred to many different airlines & hotel loyalty programs

    *** The following rules apply to this offer ***

    1) You must email me for my referral link to - Amex(at) - please replace the (at) with the @ I will then forward my referral link to you.

    2) Apply for the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card or any of the other fee paying charge, credit or business cards listed on the referral page (the sign up bonus will be different if you chose a different card but this will be confirmed before you sign up).

    3) You must reply to the email I send to you with the referral link after applying for your Amex card and being accepted by Amex and confirm that you have successfully been accepted for a card using my referral link.

    4) Once I receive confirmation from Amex that you have successfully signed up using my referral link and they have credited the points to my account I will email the £10 Amazon voucher to you. This usually takes 2 to 3 weeks from being accepted and emailing me.

    5) Once all 8 referrals have been used I will posted on this thread that all the referrals have been used and the offer is closed.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who uses my referral code
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